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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Not trying to be a Richard, but those are some pretty easy violations to avoid...the 4 separate chains would get under my skin...but cracked windshield and no medical card violations....easily avoidable.
Well when you have multiple employees and multiple trucks on the road, it is a constant battle.

As soon as we get a new windshield, it seems like it gets hit by a pebble from a truck and then the crack gets worse. I have had a new windshield get cracked the next day.

And making sure all employees have health cards when you are working mon-fri and it is hard to let them go for 3-4 hours... test doesn't take that long, but getting them there and then waiting an hour or two for the test, then getting them back on the crew pretty much voids the whole day for them.

And remembering to get them renewed after 2 years, and when you hire new guys you have to remember to make sure they have health cards... And usually a new hire doesn't drive the truck immediately... might be a year or two... got to remember it then.
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