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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
I cant imagine bothering with non local landscaping involving freeway. Even excavation. I would have to price it so high to make it worth it. My truck has been on the big roads for my cdl test, probably the first and last time it will be.
We have a freeway that links us to all the neighboring cities. Freeway time is only 10-15 minutes, but that is enough to incur the wrath of dot.

And I buy and sell alot of equipment, so we go all over the southeast. I bought and sold 100 skid steers/mini-x's last year. And I keep our c5500 jam up as far as safety goes and we still get pulled over alot for bullsh!t. It is just incredible.

I bought a t180 off of ebay a month ago in Gary IN and sent an employee to pick it up. On the way up there, he got pulled over by a dot guy that scanned the number on the truck with some machine and said I did not have some type of interstate dot number. I have a us dot number but I guess it is not registered to go into different states??? $150 ticket.

Then when my guy gets up to Gary IN, the two guys that sold the t180 to me on ebay robbed him at gun point of the cash, took my gps from the truck, took the keys, took my guy's wallet, took the keys to the truck. He got a neighbor to call the police, it took them 2 hours to show up. An officer is never around when you need them.
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