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Originally Posted by dishboy View Post
They run great at first until the cam pins wear in the cover and in the engine block and then it's shortblock time. Mine had the equivalent of one years solo use before it self destructed. Run fron Stihl. You would think they would at least use a $2.00 brass bushing in the wait how can you sell new trimmers when things are actually easily repairable? It's pretty sad when the new trimmer is fit for the garbage can and the eight year old Shindaiwa T270 is still is kicking butt.
I am going to drop $25.00 for a new cam and cover and JB weld the block side pin back in, maybe I can buy a year. New short block prices at $155.00 before labor.
Must been operator fault Im on 4th year on 2 and 3rd year on 1

you have pics of damage I like to see
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