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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Stihl is just like any other brand. You're going to have lovers and haters. I have 3 pieces of 4 Mix here and all of them have been very good so far. I have 2 BR600s and a FC90. I'd buy their trimmers but they're too heavy for my liking. I use Kawasaki trimmers and a Stihl FS80. I like the Kawasaki trimmers so much I'm going to keep buying them as long as they make them. To me they are a good replacement for the Shindy T-230 that's no longer made. The Kawi is about the same weight but has more power.
I bought a Kawi 323 trimmer about a month ago and I love's so light and has sufficient power for light to medium duty trimming. It even starts easily (1 to 2 pulls most of the time) and is ready to work immediately...kind of like my old Shindaiwa stuff was. I seem to going through a lot more line though...I'm used to a bigger/stiffer bump spring than the ones on the T-35 head. The other thing is that it seems to run kind of hot, or at least the unit is hot near where my right arm is. Overall though it's a keeper.
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