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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
This is just a discussion whether one uses horse, cow, pig, sheep urine as organic re-administering nutrients for grasses or shrubbery. This isn't a new concept in other countries it is still a useful practice. If we can purchase liquid urea's, then why can't we contain our own. My initial question is of the ratio from experiences. Has anyone used or studied the use of such practices. If one can collect and harvest free ureas in the form of urine, then why not collect it and use it. For whatever use!! I understand that everything has to be regulated by the EPA or FDA and other regulatory agencies. Organics still falls under the guidelines of your licenses.
If all I am going to get is comedy then I guess my mind is a bit more far advanced than most.
As far as urine as a fertilizer is concerned, I like your thinking. However as I'm sure you're aware, diets of different types of people can be quite different from one another. For example, a meat-eating, beer drinking indivual would likely have vastly different urine than a vegetarian. Relative pH levels of human urine cannot be relied upon to be consistant from person to person. every diet is different.
However, there IS a very smart, productive destination I know of for (any mammal) urine. That destination would be the top of your backyard compost pile!
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