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Originally Posted by Ira View Post
For the first dozen or so times I cut my Palisades zoysia (similar to Empire, I think) with my Jacobsen, I cut it at 7/8". The mower was set at that height when I bought it, and it's not a simple task to set the HOC. Yesterday, I raised it to 1.25" which is about what my Tru-Cut is set at, but I won't mow again until tomorrow. 7/8" didn't look bad, but I don't think it looked as good as 1.25". It looked like a lighter shade of green when cut at 7/8".

The guy that I bought the Jacobsen from was mowing at 7/8", but he has one of the fine-blade zoysias.
Yup, big difference b/t fine bladed zoysias and larger bladed zoysias. Like I said in the previous post, I cut this empire yard 1x/wk and 1.75 looks the best. I need to renovate this lawn, but it's not terrible. At 1.5" I scalp some areas. Again though, it's bc I'm cutting 1x/wk. if I could cut 2x/wk, I'd be at 1-1.25". I cut a diamond zoysia lawn at .75" and it is gorgeous.
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