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Originally Posted by precator View Post
Anyone ever hear of this seed? Will this be fine for Northern Maryland? Also, will this overtake my older grass eventually? I have a lot of old wide blade fescue that I want this new seed to "overtake it"
In N. MD, I'd be planting KBG, or a blend of KBG and HKBG. Any TTTF, including BB, has the potential to develop wide blades in a thin stand, whereas KBG will fill the patches with rhizomes. In the transition zone, you are likely to get patches/bunches in any lawn due to fungus, disease, heat stress, etc, which predisposes TTTF to bunching and to the large, prostrate blades you dislike. You could try to spot patch by seeding TTTF, but growing grass from seed in midsummer is no piece of cake anywhere. So that's why I'd try KBG/HKBG if it were my lawn.
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