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Pushing LightLinks or C9?

Hey guys,

I went to the Holidynamics training and convention a couple of weeks ago and had an amazing time but I have one big question for those of you that sell LightLinks.

The LL are really nice and I can imagine a lot of people wanting them but they are a substantially higher cost to the client vs the c9 and will therefore be a harder sell.

Over the past couple seasons, we have installed C9 lighting exclusively as far as roof lighting goes and I am comfortable with that sale so my question comes down to this.

Is it a better strategy to push the LL to all my potentials and then try to downsell to the C9 if the price is way out of reach for them or lead with the C9s and then try to upsell to LL if they want something more extravagant and high end?

This has been really bugging me and I'm just not sure which way to go. With the season being so short, I am trying to avoid pushing too high end a product and wind up with not enough sales because the high pricing scared too many prospects away.
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