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I have the miracle product. It is called lip medex by blistex. Make sure to get the blue can. About the same diameter as a quarter and around 1 1/2 tall. Sometimes very hard to find and other times I see shelves of it. I have recently seen it at CVS if you have any around you. As soon as you put it on you feel SOOOOO much better and can walk, jump, run, or whatever. If you put it on at night it will be all cleared up by morning. I use it on the onset of cold sores on my nose. As soon as you feel one coming on, keep appling it thru out the day and they go away before they get to sore. I also use it on cuts and oh yeah, my lips when they get chapped. Great stuff, I usually buy 2 or 3 cans when I find it just so I always have some.
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