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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Week End

Mow & Go customers are not going to call you back because you missed a weed. We are talking a totally different attitude and Expectation by the customer.

Quick Story, I got a call today for inside Pest control by the House watcher. I did this house maybe 6 or 8 months ago. These people have a condo in Dubai as well as other homes around the world. But this house had a Porsch sedan, Lexus and Electric Smart car parked in the garage that is bigger than my house. BTW they have not been in town this March. When I finished treating the house I ask how the homeowner wanted to pay. Why the Charge the House watcher ask. The Homeowner told them the first $ 75 I charge them 1/2 a year ago was for a whole year service guarantee. The richer they are the more out of touch with working people and their prices IMHO.

I agree with you Ric many are out of touch but not all. I got an e-mail yesterday from a customer who has several homes including a very nice home that I take care of right on the bend of the river. The husband has been having medical issues and they have sold the home. Every April they pay for the year in advance, no discount, and I e-mail an invoice and they pay by credit card for any extras that might come up. She thanked me for our service and said to keep the credit balance as a thank you. I think we all just need to stay positive and keep an open mind about customers, equipment set ups and all aspects of our business, there is always something to learn.
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