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keep us posted on how it goes. 750 sure is alot.. i work another job, so its hard to get out to that many every week, mailing them was so much easier and faster... not to mention, i'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to knocking on a door to sell something to somebody out of the blue.. i guess i kinda respect peoples privacy, because i get kinda annoyed when people knock on my door like that... anyway, i wish you the best of luck with it, and i hope you pick up alot of new clients.. keep us posted.

Originally Posted by goinggreen123 View Post
well I am not mailing the flyers out I am going to go door to door preety seriously going to try and hit 750 houses over the course of a week. I think its one thing to give somebody a flyer to view but its another to give it to someone face to face in person cause then you get to talking about the business even if the customer is not interested in the product you are trying to sale them. I hope all goes well thank you guys!
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