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Originally Posted by casolorz View Post
Anyways what would you recommend?
I have the same BX and have been using a tow-behind for two acres. I have used this particular spreader about 20 times without breaking it.

It's $155 w/ free shipping at Amazon...

I would not characterize this model as "industrial strength" but on the other hand it has taken 120 lbs of lime (etc) for long rides. It is light enough that I can store it up off the floor in my workshop, so for the ~350 days I am not using it there is no wasted space.

My only complaint is that I have to find the time to extend the control closer to my operating position -- right now it is reachable but inconvenient.

If I had to get another, I would look at a PTO-driven type -- but on the other hand on my specific property, which is not exactly an open field, I think I would have to work at not over-applying in certain areas.


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