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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
I agree with you, but the thread exists nonetheless. What percentage of the guys on lawnsite gross over 500k? What's your guess?
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Well: From you post, the thread exists: and it was talking about number of Employees. NOT Gross.

Again: Most of the time it's NOT employees in the numbers....

I would hate to attempt at Guessing, somehting I really dont do.
I personaly KEEP my company a SMALL company becasue of the tax benifits.
The USA government set this standard. in order for me personaly to move to a midrange would be Quite costly. in any Business there are always leaps and bounds to get over. this is NOT one of mine. it seem as if were always chaseing that's NEXT step...

Of corse our areas are efficted diffrently. we are turning down customers left and right. I personals turned down 20 last month. My insurance is Quite high and to add more hours, Employees would be in the hundred of thosuands for me. I have money here and there. doing it's thing. and the return on this JUMP would take 5 to 7 years to recover. at this point in my life I dont want this.

I hate paying for things like insurance and audit's of insurance. I personaly think many of us have done this to ourselves, with fraud on insurance CO's.
Doctor's and such. this is why were in the predictument, so Waht I do is give moeny away.

I thought this was a strange post at the start, But I wanted to chime in maybe to help others.
I find that many people here dont know much about BUSINESS of how it works, and I really enjoy comming here and shareing my experances. especially now that I dont work anymore. and have build this company from the ground up, and YES, made almost every mistake a person can.

I really wish more people here would go to school and learn how business works, and WHY it works this way.
I just posted a thread about money. how it works and why it works. and many laughed and ridiculed the post, even to the point of typo's.

many here post about what to do in the winter month's and how to survive. thises post to me are so silly. it tells me that they dont know what there doing. there is WAY too much money out there, all's ya have to do is go get it. BUT you have TO LISTEN.
then do the RIGHT thing with money. I am getting RIGHT NOW 27% on some of my moneys. and mainly just living off interest.
SOme people dont belive this. and I would LOVE to share how it';s done.
it's NOT that hard.

I even see people here taking credit cards as a payment form. when they cant afford it, and they have SMart phones. and then wondering how there going to survive durring the winter months ????

I dont understand this. I even seen a post here about a guy said how a Fast food chain did him..... he gave them 5 bids in 1 day. I questioned him and he didn't even know what workers COMP was, or Color change...... WOW.
he didn't realize it But he missed out on 50,000.00 PER year.

As far as this post. when I see people bitching about stupid things it tells me they dont know what there doing, and then they low ball, anc ***** becasu esome one came in and low balled them........ IT's Simply amazing.
of corse I know there are some here that will TAKE any job. REGUARDLESS. and then there company is headed in a direction they didn't want it to go. But it's too late they already have this rep.

One of the reasons we turn down so many. is becasue Were ONLY HIGH END.
we will NOT accept any job under 100.00 WE just CANT.

Numbers are a funny thing. I have seen guys bid jobs at 45.00 and it coat them 65.00 to do it........
Maybe it's JUST ME ??????

how many here run .5 mil a year. FEW I would think. especially in the mowing areas. I have several friends from this site, mainly in hardscaping that own million dolla companys.

But remember: anyone with a Craftsman mower, can start a business.

Best of luck
Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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