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really? i mean, i know in my city we are "supposed" to have a canvasing permit.. and you have to wear a badge. (all laminated and what-not, so you look legit..) but most people here usually go without the canvasing permit. unless its a larger company like a garbage service, local paper.. etc.. sending out people, then they would usually have the badge. If somebody actually called the police, i would assume the cops would ask you to leave.

you have a good point though, IMO.. better safe, than sorry. and if you go about things the right way, people might take note and it my win you some extra brownie points.

Originally Posted by bohiaa View Post

Most citys have laws about this. Most of the time " ALL CITYS I KNOW OF "

you CANT do this with out a permit....

and MOST will have you jailed for knocking on doors.
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