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I've been sharping my own blades about once a week. Is that enough? I have 28 accounts. They seem to have a decent edge on them still as far as a point but dull of course but the end but not super bad. BUT if I do a lot of extra side work single cuts especially high grass or sand lots they are dull.

I've went through 4 sets of blades already this season. 2 Gator which are ground down so thin they snapped the gator teeth off. And 2 sets of high lift blades that are doing better but they seem to be wearing down now too. I would say 3/4 of my lawns are pathetic half worn bahia grass or sand lots.

For $45 a set of blades either kind. I just don't get why they are wearing down so fast. If I drive on a lawn faster than half speed I have grass that pops back up too. So I crawl about 1/3 speed to mow with a nice look. Any ideas?

With GAS, blades, mower repairs, oil changes, tires, new weed trimmers, line, a vehicle to wear out. I don't see how people are driving around with nice rigs. I have a decent rig with a Dixie Chopper but I got all my stuff used in a super deal. People in this area don't want to pay more than $65 or $75 a month for a lawn. I really don't get it. I'm making it but just barely. With my wife working two part time jobs and my 21 year old son pitching in $300 a month. But its because I have no mower payments, house payments or van payments. I paid cash for everything when we sold our home up north. I used to have a lawn service here before and it was at least decent income. But now I really don't see how people are getting by. I bought a nice new mower seat on Ebay for $105 shipped. It's like a new take off $400 seat from a Ferris. (The Dixie seat pan is rusted in half held together by a chain) I took the Ferris sticker off. Now I have to worry I will have enough fuel to get through the next two weeks until my wife's next check. We don't drink or smoke or waste money. I really don't see how people are buying new equipment and driving $30k trucks around.

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