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Originally Posted by Florida's Suncoast Lawn Care View Post
I've been sharping my own blades about once a week. Is that enough? I have 28 accounts. They seem to have a decent edge on them still. BUT if I do a lot of extra side work single cuts especially high grass or sand lots they are dull.

I've went through 4 sets of blades already this season. 2 Gator which are ground down so thin they snapped the gator teeth off. And 2 sets of high lift blades that are doing better but they seem to be wearing down now too. I would say 3/4 of my lawns are pathetic half worn bahia grass or sand lots.

For $45 a set of blades either kind. I just don't get why they are wearing down so fast. If I drive on a lawn faster than half speed I have grass that pops back up too. So I crawl about 1/3 speed to mow with a nice look. Any ideas?

With gas, blades, mower repairs, oil changes, tires, new weed trimmers, line, a vehicle to wear out. I don't see how people are driving around with nice rigs. I have a decent rig with a Dixie Chopper but I got all my stuff used in a super deal. People in this area don't want to pay more than $65 or $75 a month for a lawn. I really don't get it. I'm making it but just barely. But its because I have no mower payments, house payments or van payments. I paid cash for everything. I really don't see how people are getting by.
Sand will dull blades out VERY fast. Bahia will dull blades out very fast. For 28 accounts, you should probably be changing out 2x/wk....$65-$75/mo for weekly cutting isn't much. For a basic now and go on a 1/4 acre lot at most I would be at $100-$110/mo.
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