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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
Yup, areas are different for sure. $100/mo to include trimming is insane unless it's like 2 bushes...even still.
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Oh you wouldn't believe the neighbors I do $40 a month big corner lot up against mine and I don't get to mow it in the winter unless it's $20 a cut. That's like 1984 prices when I lived here as a teen working with my older brother's lawn service. And another neighbor wouldn't even pay me $15 a cut. He wants it cut but won't pay $15 for his huge corner lot. LOL. No joke. Even though he sees me mowing 5 around me and they look beautiful. And I mow them for $20 a cut, with weed trim and edging. I figure it's around my house. Might as well make them look good. He's old and says he can't hardly mow anymore but won't pay $15. He even said he gets $1400 in social security. LOL.

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