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I've got a JD2305 which is pretty much the green version of your orange. When I bought the tractor I also bought a PTO driven Frontier 3PH spreader. I don't remember exactly but I want to think it was around $350-$400. I works great and really came in handy when I spread almost 300 bags of lime on my 2 acres.

Two years ago I did a renovation on about 1.5 acres and I bought an 80lb Lesco push spreader. I actually use that more than the Frontier as I buy all my fertilizer from JD/Lesco and can use the setting from the bag. I don't fill it to 80lbs as it's too dam heavy that full. But I can easily cover my property in less than an hour and it's great exercise.

Here's a pic of both spreaders. If I had to choose just one hands down it would be the Lesco.

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