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Lesson Learn or is it from Lack of Rain !!!!

I tried some Spread it and Forget and I went with Northern Formula - 34-0-7 with 0.10% dithiopyr because of the early spring to help with jump on early weeds already showing up since I got my certification card late this spring. Was applied 4/14/12 at 8.70lbs per 1000 Sq. Ft. Started out good, but in June the rain stop coming and its been dry from lack of rain moderate drought conditions here in Appleton WI. This lawn has no irrigation dependent on just rain fall. I thought that the slow release would only be produce when conditions was correct after morning dew or rainfall. But i think that even though there was no rain that the product still release during the day with no rain and over time began to damage the lawn. Even though there was no rain I think early morning dew mite of been the factor in releasing the product then 99 degree weather starting killing the grass or making it go dormant, but i think its killing the grass in high sun areas but grass still looks good in areas where shade is thought out the day. Spreader use was a Anderson Sr 2000 and calibrated and even double check again and is good to the ounce.

1. So if i am correct then i should of never applied a SIFI on a lawn with no irrigation?

2. Or is this just common to see this happening because of the lack of rain?

3. Anything mite help this lawn or just over seed it this fall ?
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