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Hustler Super Z wheel motor problem

This has probably been brought up in previous threads, maybe a few years ago. I did not go back that far though. So if I missed it, sorry.

Back in 07 I got rid of all my exmarks and switched to Hustler. Wanted to try something else. Was financially able to do so and the dealer who had been an Exmark dealer switched to Hustler.

So I purchased 2 Hustler Z's and 3 Super Z's in March and April of 07. I no it was a few years ago. But with 5 mowers and selling off the Exmarks I did not put a bunch of hours on the Hustlers right away.
I also bought 2 scag turf tigers Sept of 09.

Never had any problems with the Z's. So far.

Fast forward to Sept 2011. Wheel Motor goes out of super z 1 at about 1200 hours. I thought something funny was going on with it and finally figured it out..
Then Hydro goes out of number 2 super z with about 900 hours in October
We replace hydro in super z 2 this spring and go on.
In April Super Z 3 loses wheel motor at about 1200 hours.
In June number 2 wheel motor goes out at 941 hours.
Hustler super z's have wheel motors out of 3 machines now.
2 of them are sequential serial numbers and all machines had less that 1300 hours on them.

Anyone else had problems like this. Maybe my hours being low are making my problems show up later. I do not know. But Hustler has been no help.
As of today I would not recommend a Hustler to anyone as I have been in contact with them and not gotten anywhere.

Should I have gotten anywhere? I do not know. Would like to have gotten some help. MAybe I do not deserve it. Anyone else with any help on this?

In the process went and bought 2 more Scags this spring and the Hustlers continue to sit.

I ran one of my first exmarks to 4400 hours that I bought in June 1996 and sold it to a guy this spring and he is using it to mow his lawn. Had to change 1 hydro in that thing at 3100 hours.
My other exmark I bought in August 2005 and ran it till 3200 hours with no problems and sold it to a guy in June 2007 and he still mows his lawn today with it.
I have had other Exmarks over the past years with no issues of hydros and wheel motors.
Exmark always was good to me even though Paul Juergens and I went round and round sometimes.

I treat my mowers well and they last a long time for me.

Guess I am just very frustrated with Hustler based on a problem that 2 of the mowers are sequential and all are Super Z's bought at the same time and I guess Hustler does not care.
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