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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Im going to try and get my customers to switch over and let me do everything. I'm assuming most of you include mowing, leaf clean up, 2-3 prunings, fertilizer and weed control. Some may include mulch.

How do you handle grubs or disease? Include it also?

What do you figure into your price for extra stuff? Maybe trimming back a few bushes that have shoots, or other small things that come up?

I would love to include everything under the sun, but we figure 48 or so weekly cuts and the price might be too high for the market.
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Extra means exactly that. Anything not originally agreed upon is an added cost. We include everything you have listed, but anything else is another service agreement. Also make sure you are very clear as to the terms and what scope of work you plan on performing. We have run into this, a customer has a landscape that they want to change. We show them that we "maintain" the landscaping and this is considered a seperate project, and therefore an added cost.
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