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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
For the Toro, are you looking at the Commercial 21 or the Heavy Duty model? The regular Commercial 21 isnt really much more than a high-end residential mower with nicer wheels. 1-speed transmission, and then handle seems kinda flimsy. I also don't really see that Honda engine as being a true commercial grade engine. The Toro Commercial Heavy Duty, on the other hand, is IMO the best 21" you can buy. I have 2 that are form 1995 and 1996, and they still run, start on the first pull and theres nothing wrong with them they work great with minimal maintenance. Recently had some time to look at a brand new one, and its virtually un-changed except for the engine, which I believe is better anyway. These mowers are a classic example of the old saying "if it aint broke, don't fix it" I think they are great mowers and I would not recommend anything else based on my experience with them.
Good points. The Toro light-duty commercial or 22156 model uses the same deck as the high end residential unit called the Toro Super Bagger. Not a bad mower but I'm not sure that it will last for commercial work. I bought this unit in the spring as a back up. Here's a link to me mowing with it:

The heavy duty toro is a great mower but like I said in my review, it doesn't seem to work well in wet or long grass as the grass sticks underneath the deck and the small chute clogs. I often wondered if removing the kickers would help?
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