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How would you....

How would you install a large flat boulder in the middle of someone's driveway? This is an existing concrete driveway. The driveway sees little traffic, just a 3k lb porsche. Also the client actually likes concrete cracks and hates straight lines. Kind of artistic type person with unique landscape.

Do you cut the whole section and pour around the stone for a continuous pour? Or do you cut out as close as possible for the irregular stone and then pour a sub base for the stone? Then do some ground cover around the rock in the middle of the drive to hide where the cut is not exact to the stone? Patching w mortar is not an option. Drive is acid stained brown and mortar will look bad.

If i do plants around the stone in the middle of the drive, do you think if i bored to the middle section and ran a drip line around the stone for plant material it could possibly undermine the surrounding drive at some point?
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