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If they are under your control in your truck they are on the clock, whether they actually "working" or not. Sitting in the truck is working since they're not exactly free to leave. Where things get a little less clear is if they're driving their personal vehicle to a job site. Things vary a little state-to-state too.

I pay from the time my employees hop in the truck (I do the loading/unloading) until the time we get back to the shop. I pay for all breaks, including lunch time as well. I pay for the time they're sitting in the truck while I run into the dealer or to do other errands such as banking too. I also have spots along my route where we stop for quick 10 or 15 minute breaks two or 3 times a day when out mowing....scenic spots mostly...ponds, lakes, parks etc. For other types of work where we may be at the same location all day long, they're free to take a break any time they feel they need one. If I'm billing a job hourly, I subtract out breaks....the customer doesn't pay for them...but my employees still get paid.

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