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would someone with a 22156 mind measuring the height of the handle from the ground, at it's tallest handle & cut heights? Also, how much money? I can't find one anywhere. (edit: also, wheel size on the 22156?)

The commercial 21's side discharge, gsv190, and being THIRTY NINE pounds lighter are what appeal to me, compared to the honda, but the hrc's are awesome too. I'd actually rather have the 22155/6 deck than the 1/4" deck on the heavy duty toros, or else there go a lot of your weight savings (i assume, since they don't even list the weight of that one like they brag about the commercial 21). But it's either true heavy duty/ commercial, or light weight with these things. Choose one. Actually I'd take a homeowner version of the 22156- I just wish it had a normal bail for the drive system, instead of personal pace.

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