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Originally Posted by knox gsl View Post
This is my question. What kind of recourse do I have against an employer that only paid for morning drive time? This was almost 15 years ago but was one of 2 reasons I left the company. They would meet a 7am and give a list of repairs for the day we we on the clock till the last one was completed and then drive back to the shop was on us. there were many days where the drive home was close to 2 hours of unpaid time which would have meant alot of OT as I normally got 45 to 50 hours on the clock.
15 years after the fact is not going to matter to the employer or an attorney willing to handle the case, if you can find one, and if the company you worked for is still in business?. The fact that you have stated that this is one of Two reasons why you left the company indicates that things were really not that bad or you just did not really care, perhaps until now?. Start up time is when my employees arrive minus a 1/2 for lunch and when the day is done for clock out.
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