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Originally Posted by bohiaa View Post

Most citys have laws about this. Most of the time " ALL CITYS I KNOW OF "

you CANT do this with out a permit....

and MOST will have you jailed for knocking on doors.
I have never, ever known anyone, ever, to get a permit to go door-to-door. I couldnt tell you if my area needs one or not. I can tell you that I live and work in one of the most bureaucratic, red-tape, boot licking counties in the nation, and you would have to start your conversation by punching someone in the face before they called the law for you being at their door. Now, Im not saying most of them wont tell you to 'bugger off' using some colorful language, but I really cant imagine the police coming out for this.

On that note, I will be flier dropping next Jan - April but doubt I will knock on any doors. If I see the homeowner outside, sure, shake a hand. If not, I'll simply leave the flier on the door and move on.
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