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Originally Posted by Burnie View Post
I tried postcards and door hangers when I first started my business, spent a lot on getting them, postage, gas, labor, would not bother with it again.

I think most do like I do, postcard in the mailbox, goes in the trash without even looking at it, door hanger on the door when I get home, also goes in the trash without even looking at it. Spam in my email, trash, banners popping up ON LAWNSITE, closed without even looking to see what they are. We are ALL overloaded with advertisements trying to get your business, so we tend to ignor them.

I am at the point now where I am growing good by word of mouth, but it took years of hard work and happy customers to get here. Good luck with whatever you do.
Word of Mouth, solid internet presence, visability in the neighborhood.

It is expensive but highly targeted personalized mailings get a good return IMHO.

I am sure flyers do work. There are so many of them that you have to do something to make them stick.
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