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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post

What height are you wanting to maintain on your lawn?
I am not sure about final mowing height. I eventually want the nice thick green lawns i see (only one in my neighborhood) in really nice neighborhoods, or like on a golf course. Everything i've read said I'm currently mowing too high for bermuda. I have read i need to be below 2.5" with Bermuda to accomplish my goal. Of course i've read all kinds of suggestions 1-1.5", 1-2" etc. Until my lawn is more level, i either have to use the tru-cut at highest setting or mow at like 3-4" with my rider.

Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Following the 1/3 rule, the mowing frequency is as such.

(mowing height/2) / growth rate. You can assume a well watered and fertilized bermuda will grow close to 1/4" a day.

So for example you want to keep the turf at 1.5"

1.5/2 = 0.75 ( so you would cut the grass before it reaches 2.25" so you only remove 0.75" when you mow @ 1.5.

.75 / 0.25 = 3

If the grass grows 1/4 ( 0.25) then you need to mow every 3 days to keep the grass at 1.5 inches.

You are better off biting the bullet and taking the grass down one time then maintain it than you are removing 40 to 50% of the blade each week all summer long.
I'm okay with mowing every 3rd or 4th day.

I can currently accomplish the 1/3 cut of green only with my riding mower, but obviously would have to hack it back to be able to do that with the tru cut.

Do you think the part of the lawn i hacked down to ~2" from 4" as shown above will recover before it stops growing this year? Would my lawn be ultimately healthier if i just kept it high until next spring, i guess that is what i'm trying to figure out.

We're you suggesting that i start working on filling in some of the worst spots with good compost now?
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