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Gas shocks for Grandstand

Originally Posted by The Toro Company View Post
New, heavier duty gas shocks were released for MY'09 models a few months ago. To the eye they are slightly larger in diameter than the original design. Have your friend check with the dealer to insure that he is getting the most current gas shock (dealer can check service bulletin for part #).

-The Toro Company
I recently purchased a toro grandstand here in MA from Fred's Duxbury Fix-It.
It has been in the shop approx. ten times now. I only have 145 hrs. on it to date. The latest issue are the gas shocks. We replace the shock on the right side(operater's right), I must say it was a bit difficult considering it is only 2 bolts. Then the left side went, so to speed up the repair the dealer took a shock of the other 52" GS they had for sale(which I am considering purchasing) Both me and the dealer's mechanic could not get the 2nd bolt through the hole( the bottom hole) as it does not line up. Ther is no way to compress the shock enough the get it to line up. I wound up taking the machine as I needed it to mow my accounts and I plan to drop it off tomorrow after I am done for the week.(8/10/12). Could it be that the shock taken from the other machine is different? Or is there some trick to getting the bolt to line up with the hole? I will say I and my crew love using the machine, however having to bring it to the shop every week has made me very hestitent about purchasing the other one. It is a leftover 2011 model 52" 23 H.P. GS purchased at Fred's Duxbury Fix-it in Duxbury, MA. mY NAME IS Tom Finch owner of Tom's Yardcare of Duxbury MA. I can be reached @ 781-249-4701. Thank you
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