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I remember reading about your problems with the LL sales, Addicted.

I know last year I had a client who said that those other commercial decorators wanted to do way too much to her house. All she wanted was 'just some regular lighting on the roof'.

It wasn't a big job but we installed about 150' of C9 lighting and the other companies had lost a perfectly good sale because they were trying to go for the big design and big sale. That is what I am trying to avoid.

BTW, Hokie, I am considering switching to rental this year as well. I'm not trying to start another discussion on which way is better it just seems to make more sense to me. As far as selling the product, we would wind up breaking it down into product cost, install, removal, storage. Do you do any break down of cost for the client at all when you are using the rental model or is it simply given to them as a grand total?
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