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I'm sure you are right about the headache that would come with two different companies. I gleaned much of my information from your awesome website so id better take this advice too.
With a flat-rate of $69 up-to 1/4 acre many callers want me to rehearse the aeration promo price & what it includes. This tells me they are thinking that my price is pretty low. My brainstorm reminds me of Namebrands vs Storebrands. Some folks want to pay a little more for Cool-Whip whereas others are happy with the less expensive storebrand. It would definitely be a worthy test-market to run the ads within the same column. My current 2 most asked questions are; "Is this a good time to aerate"? and "What about my sprinkler heads"? Whereas after running the two ads $89 & $69 they would be: Why are you more"? and "why are you less"?
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