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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
Del----- Someone told me that a f350 will old 3000lbs. If you have a zero turn like mine at 1400lbs and all the eqipment you need to get the job done Weed eater,gas,egders ect. It can get kinda heavy . If i could fit 2 of my mowers on my f350 that would be great.
One of my trucks is a 2000 f350 dually. The bed is wide enough that I fit a 36 stander, 52 stander, next to each other. 61 scag v-ride behind them. 3 blowers, 2 edgers, 2 whips, 2 hedge sheers all on racks on the body. It works well for us, but my next one will be a van body with an enclosed box. I hate when my stuff gets wet. This year I did ad 2 leaf springs to each side, along with re arching the originals. And added heavier shocks with springs over them. Thought it would help it handle better. (it didn't) and now it's about 4 inches higher in the the tailgate is steeper. I spray the tailgate with the spray bedliner stuff on it twice a year so it keeps the grip.
Just looked at my sig and realized I don't have half the stuff anymore. But double the stuff from before. I don't have a cool saying so this is it
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