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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

After Today I might be done with Management Companies. First they beat up on me for a better price. Fine I could still make some money. But then when I billed them they wanted Pictures and proof that I did the Job by E mail. I e mailed them back and told them there was a additional $ 300 charge for Pictures and Proof since they didn't originally request picture etc.

Those companies are scumbags...we delt with one on some of our Restaurant contracts.

they are set up to save money for the customer as they get a portion of the savings.
they make a myriad of paperwork such that any mistake will delay payment...then when you quote a price, they ask you if you can give them a better price....

ours asked us to call in from a restaurants phone when we arrived and record a special code that had to be on the invoice which we were to submit their format-

lost that contract last year as I refused to play by their rules...good luck, they have been through two companies since then-
when I have an executed contract, I am under no obligation to sign something else that makes for more work--
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