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Here's a few of your answers adam.neusbaum

1st thanks for the nice comment about my website! I have a few more ideas on changing a few more things this I can't wait!

With Sprinkler heads: You can charge more. I mark them with flags and explain to the customer that I usually stay 1 to 2 feet away from the heads to prevent breaking their sprinkler. I want someone at their house to show me their system works before I aerate and then turn it on again after I'm done. I also have a form that I ask for the basic information: Name, Address, Phone Number, email (future specials), etc. But my form states that I am not responsible to any damage from aerating their yard, just like they are not responsible to any damage their yard might do to my machine. No one can get anyone in trouble. I've never had a problem with them signing or anyone saying their sprinkler system isn't working now. I usually hear the customer tell me that their sprinkler system hasn't worked for a few years. This way, it protects me from the customer who it looking to make money off of me. Saying their system worked before I aerated and oh by the way, it's $600.00 to fix it. Nice trick!

Call your local national lawn companies and see what they are charging. You will always have a hard time competing against the guy who rents an aerator for the weekend and comes into a neighborhood charging next to nothing....but they are far and few. Aeration is hard work, unless you have one of the new aeration machines (like me )!!!

Good time to aerate: End of August till end of November or early December. For me, when it starts to get frost....then I'm ready to put it away until next Spring.

Most people don't know what aeration is, and what type of service they will be receiving. Explain it's the best and you're able to provide an excellent service because you have a low overhead while providing top notch service!

If you have a can always advertise go to my website to print off My Super Customer Coupon for even a lower aeration price!!!
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