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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
We would normally start mowing in March(warm season starting to green and fescue already growing) mowing would slow around October and the leaves would start falling and go into december.

So we are visiting a property either mowing or leaf removal from March - December. I then stop some customers completely or my monthly people get every 2 week services in Jaunuary and Feburary.

So I usually figure on 48 stops a year if they are weekly. It could be less if someone has bermuda and no trees. We may stop in October.
I would love to push weekly mowing March ~ Dec but the reality is in my area we start slowing down in Oct and go to bi-weekly in most cases. We are lucky to get a full 38 mowings in even with a Monthly visit in December, Jan and Feb.

I would count on 44 visits but that would include shrub triiming, leaf clean up and such. Try to do the shrubs on the shoulder season but you always have to touch them up in the early summer.
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