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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Usually I average 1 truly full service account per every 15-20 accounts or so... The rest fall somewhere between a once-a-month mow-and-blow and all the in between, sure the actual figure may vary some but the reality is that most customers won't (or can't) go full service, no matter what they say I found out you might turn one or the other customer into full service but I don't foresee bigger changes other than some customers will start to fly the coop and in the end you will probably see, as I saw, that even the $200 a year accounts are worth keeping so long they pay on time and all of that... I done been down that road of trying to get everyone to go this way or that, and you are certainly more than welcome to try your best but at least for this kid it was a big waste of my time thou I did learn a lot, that I did.
I am tending to agree with this. Also believe that your "full" service accounts are going to expect more. Which is fine, you want to sell quality, dependability and stuff. Just know those customers are willing to pay but also expect.

I have seen relatively cheap clients with weedy yards, trying to skip mows and stuff turn in to nit pickers when I rolled in a squirt and fert program for a low monthly price. I did it cause I was wanting to get rid of the weeds.

It was one of my experiments, use Primo to slow growth, kill weeds and fert the lawn for a relatively low price to up sell a bi-weekly account. It took about 2 months for them to get picky. Not every client is that way.

My main goal for going full service is to get the squirt and fert / reduce the weeds we have to mow.
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