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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post
I never had an issue with the "pitchiness" of the shorter track from my Takeuchi, I give their track design a A++ for extreme harsh conditions. VTS is just a bad, bad way to go, you add 30% more weight and work load to the machine and that adds stress on a machine that was designed for tires.
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I have it from a very good source at Terex that the VTS is essentially dead and slowly fading into oblivion. It has proven to have a higher cost of warranty than the ASV and everyone sells a CTL now. The accelerated wear on the OEM SSL that it was placed onto was noticeable. OEMs discovered this quickly when it first came out and denied warranty if it had a VTS on the machine and that is why Loegering(ASV) had to provide power train warranty with the purchase of the undercarriage.
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