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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
their whole business model hinges on the fact that many contractors cannot fill out the paperwork to their specifications and or document things like they want...
i believe they screw many a contractor out of money...and its all legal-the way they do it, cause they make you sign their forms

its good for companies on top of their game-I just hate companies like that-
Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
Right, that's what I meant...GHP...yea, I think most management companies are a PITA or dirtbags.Posted via Mobile Device
This is one time their games back fired on them. After a few back and forth E mails this morning about Pictures and Full pest inspections reports they were now requiring, I called them on the phone. I simply told them I would Pick up my Rodent poison maces today and they could find someone else to hassle. Rodent Maces are about the only treatment I could take back and while it cost me money and time, I am a happy camper. I guess I am easy because I will write off a Bad deal in a NYC second. Life is too short to put up with BS.

Maybe the next guy will be smarter and charge them a small fortune. I know they will stay away from the Big boys like Massey and be looking for another sucker like myself.


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