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this is what i ended up with...

it was $153.00 should last a year or so.. i look like a hack, but hell.. the name is on the truck, and it beats magnets. if i get a few more customers at the start of spring i plan to go around the truck with more lettering and what not so i don't look so much like a weekend warrior, which i pretty much am anyway.

it looks better in person, except it was suggested to me to get the inside of the back window tinted so it could stand out more, gonna try that today, got a quote for $25 bucks to get the inside window tinted, so for that price.. its worth a shot, may get him to go around all the windows while he's at it.

you for sure can not see crap out of this thing when its wet, that kinda sucks but guess i can get used to it. driving the trugreen truck back in the day i never had a view out the back window, and i think i'll be fine now too when it rains.
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