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TAlked with that dealer.
Gave the district mans number who referred me to Hustler. Got no where there.
This would not be such a big deal if I had one and it went out.
But I have 3. 2 of them are sisters. 3 wheel motors went out on 3 mowers and there is not a problem with them.
Cant even get a reply from the Hustler consultant on here.
Never again and wont send anyone Hustlers way with the great service after.
And I do mow a lot of hills with these mowers.

But one would think they would recognize this and those with problems even after warranty expiration would help them out.

I still get recalls on my mid 90's f350's.
I told Chevy about my faulty dash and speedometer. they said nothing yet was a problem. But a year and a half later got a letter stating they had a problem with them and here is the slip if you all ready repaired it to get reimbursed.

My exmarks even got taken care of out of warranty.
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