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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Drought??? In Oregon? We don't even know what that means here. No drought in Oregon.

As for road blockage, that almost never happens. But sometimes a client is having siding installed or whatever and wants us to stay off the property for a week. We'll do it. But no credit. Because the grass and weeds will be 2x as tall when we come back the next week. No change in the price.

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. So they can quit any time. We terminate their service at the end of the month when they call. So then there is no credit given and no additional amount owed.

No credit. We were mowing every week until September. We were fertilizing, controlling weeds, trimming hedges, trimming perennials, raking leaves, edging, blowing, etc. They got their money's worth. Nobody ever asks for a credit when they quit. They usually just call saying they are very sorry to have to cancel but they lost their job, are moving away, getting a divorce, etc. and just cannot have us do it any longer. The issue never comes up.
cool, I'm going to have to implement this next year. Seems like there are so many angles to making it work to me. It all comes down to estimating I feel. I'm so used to just billing for hours worked, so that I know I'm always getting paid for my time. Definitely going to start doing this
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