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Why are customers so rude

I had a weekly lawn maintenance customer call me and say to skip that week because they treated there lawn,but to come back next week. I went past that persons house the same day they called me because I had a job on the same block, I took notice that there lawn was pretty long. I went back this week to do that house and a few houses on the same block.When I went to mow the person who said to skip a week because of the treated lawn, the lawn looked freshly mowed. I rang the bell a few times, know one answered even though there cars were in the drive. I even tried calling the guy and there has been no response from him. And this guy was always happy with my work.
At least the guy should been decent to call and say he does not need me anymore. What would you do in this situation? Why does it seem that people get weird and cheap this time of year with there lawns, even though they have been happy the whole rest of the season?
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