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Originally Posted by soafone View Post
I still would like to know if anyone can answer the million dollar question. "Do rotors work well enough at 30 psi?" My distributor tells me they do, but I am reluctant to believe him. I suppose I could ask the home owner to change the pump in the well, but I am sure he won't be anxious to do it, since he just took possession of the brand new home. So, I have three options...

1) run the rotors at 30 psi less the friction loss (end up with approx 25 psi at the rotors)
2) use a booster pump to add psi, yet the flow will remain at 12 gpm
3) ask the home owner to replace the pump.

I think option three is the clear winner. Fortunately for me, my estimate read that it was based on the home owner providing a 1" water supply capable of 12 gpm's @ min 50 psi.
why dont you just turn up the pressure? Remember to increase the air pressure in the tank too.
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