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I'm sure having a f450 or bigger dump truck with a dump trailer would be the perfect combo, you can haul the scrap dirt in the dump truck and the good soil in the dump trailer.

I usually carry stone dust, gravel, soil, trees, interlock etc. I know I won't be able to haul as much asphalt as I want. Considering the asphalt is far more dense then anything I have ever loaded before. Last time I rented a dump trailer to carry 2.5 tons of asphalt. The trailer was prob 8 feet long, it was a tiny pile of asphalt in the middle of the trailer. (The trailer looked almost empty with this tiny pile) But it was almost 10k pounds of asphalt.

I think I need a dump truck anyways, I know I can't haul as much with it but it's so versatile, even if it's just to carry 1 yard of gravel it will still be useful. Even if I buy a dump trailer, I won't have anything to carry it. My 2003 dodge Ram 1500 is getting to a point where it needs a break from all that hard work and towing.
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