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Originally Posted by bshustack View Post
What brand 21" mower are you running? There nice tall stripes.

I'm running two 22" Toro Recyclers at the moment. I'm happy with how they perform, but they can't compete with a Honda.

Goldpro, I understand where you're coming from. The Walker is probably my favorite machine, and although that third wheel isn't my favorite, it's a great machine. I'd like to demo the split tail wheel machine sometime to see how I like that. Thanks for the comment man, keep up the good work! Btw, your stripes are by far the best on the site!

Pro-Lawns, thanks for the complements buddy! I've heard good things about the velke x2 and I wouldn't mind trying one sometime. The velke x1 came with the Gravely. I really wanted a bull rider type castoring sulky for my exmark, but I recently sold it.

Thanks for the comments guys!
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