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Rain Bird CIC

Not sure which came first, the CIC or the CRC. Haven't run across very many in the last 10 years. To me it looks just like a CRC but in an outdoor box.

CIC-12 has a serial number of 00348. Trying to guess how old it is.

A gardener who refers work to me alerted me to this customer with controller problems. NiCad backup wasn't holding a charge.

Controller was mounted in the garage about 6 feet off the ground because of little empty space on the wall. Customer (who is 82) was using a stepstool to program it!!!

Pulled it and replaced with an ESP-M outdoor on the exterior side of the same wall at eye level. Easy access for me and his gardener this way and easier monitoring for everyone.

Going back next week for nozzle replacements, arc adjustments, etc. to make 7 zones of PGJs work better, and replacing one zone of Toro 570Zs with either 1804s or Hunter Pro-Sprays and MP Rotators.
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