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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I get my trailers inspected every year but I don't get a dot inspection like the big trucks.

Luckily, I carry really high insurance and keep everything tight and up to date. Though they could pick on me, sure, but there are a lot of trucks on the roads in Texas and a lot unsafe things I see every day.
With the oil boom, there are a lot of other fish to catch and overweight, unsafe vehicles that are probably higher on the radar than some guy like me hauling a clean bobcat with a clean truck, clean trailer, and sufficient tie-downs and good tires.

The last time I did get pulled over it was the local sheriff's dept. they were giving me a courtesy warning about not being able to see my license plate. The trailer was a DOT certified trailer, inspected, etc., The deputy called DPS on the spot and he was told that I was legal though not seeing the license plate could be probable cause to pull over and look for other violations.
Agree, I've had my CDL-A since 1988, I see some of the worst trucks on I-35 daily, even subs working our projects are driving junk dumps and speak no english????? I love calling the CVE unit on these guys.....they don't mess around......

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