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As far as the accounts I picked up, I spent so many hours researching how I could get a good number of new clients I pretty much spent all winter planning on Spring 12. I did have a really good fall last year and 5-6 of my clients were people who didnt have a lawn service last year and were happy with there cleanup and decided to go with my lawn maintenance service, I did a ton of direct mailers I drove all over my city and surrounding citys getting addresses from medium-high income neighborhoods. I also did some door to door walking on Sunday mornings and talked to the potential clients (only landed 4 customers there), I did door hangers, my website I made completely by myself (I was proud of it lol, even tho it does need some more work and I know that) brought in some leads. I have picked up about 10 clients since June, 2 neighbors of my clients and the rest were all residentials that had a contractor they just were not happy with. I offer a guarntee with my work, if there not happy after the first two cuts there on me and the commitment is over (noone has left me.....yet lol) I did choose not to do residential contracts I only have contracts with my commercial clients, I only have about 6 commercial clients at this time. My condominiums I picked up came to me, I have no idea how the first one got my number because I did barly any advertisment by late last summer but they did call and asked for a 1 year contract bid broke down into monthly payments (to include snow plowing)... I turned in the bid and they called 3 months later wanting to sign, this was what started it all. Then my other condominiums called RIGHT before snow plow season wanting a bid, I got it for snow plowing and since then just taking it season by season with them. I feel like I will sign a new year contract with both of these clients by the end of summer for another year, I have gotten very good feedback from them and they both are ready to review a new contract from me...well see where that goes!

I will post some more pics tonight!!

(Just picked up a 2 year residential contract this morning!)
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