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Originally Posted by TriCountyLawn View Post
Stripes look real good. Im on the fence right now of getting a grasshopper. I like mowing with front deck mowers. Do you use the collection system with the GH ?

And like others had asked , How did you get up to 45 accounts ?

Keep the pics coming .

Thanks man! I love my grasshopper, leaves a great cut and never has let me down at 1200 hours (bought with 900 this spring). I use it for a lot of my mowing, I ordered a flap from grasshopper for one of there newer decks and put it on mine (for striping). I have a de-thatch unit for it and the hopper, the hopper is great. I used it for cleanups this spring and it was a big time savor, of course. I never clogged it or anything like that, even in wet conditions. I will for sure buy another one (grasshopper) and I will keep the hopper on full time on one of the units for bagging lawns during the cutting season, a couple of my clients have asked about that and I didnt want to offer it because I use the Gh so much I didnt want to have the hopper constantly on there, if I have two I will keep one on full time and offer bagging if they have somewhere I can dump the clippings on there property, which in my area a lot of my clients have wooded areas or there neighbors that I mow do where so for most people who are interested in getting there lawn bagged, this will not cause the issue of me being stuck with clippings during my route, this fall I plan to keep it on full time as well. Hope this helps, I would say I am extremely happy with my GH, but I do have excellent dealer support which is always a bonus, one last things I have a lot of trees I mow around, it is great having the front deck to go under...saves my trimmer guy from getting under all those spider web infested trees 8-10
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